Music brings us together

All Tribes, all Colors, all Teachings. Thank you all for helping me realize a dream come true! Up to the next projects. So many requests for music…
This summer I will be working on new recordings of mantra’s & medicine’s songs.
Viva Musica!


Who I am

We are here to heal
To come together
all tribes, all colors, all teachings, all & everything is welcome
will be honored and melted into a new organic form
where there is no discrimination
no hate
no excluding
Everything will be working together
the world
into something new
where balance, joy, harmony and love
will help us all thrive
There is place & space for all!

I am a multi-talented women, with many passions and loves in life. I love MUSIC, yoga, art, traveling and adventure.I live to the fullest and enjoy my life as much as I can. I believe we are beautiful spiritual beings having a human experience and we are here to bring positive life affirming activities. We can do this by training our mind and become aware of how we focus and utilize our energy.
Now days there are so many techniques available for us, it’s all to serve us and to teach us how to control our physical body and mind to let it work for us.

Over the years I have encountered the following techniques and I am still expanding ( Or rather exploding 😉 Into life.

  • 2007 First Shamanic teachings ( continues till today)
  • 2010 Kundalini yoga teacher training ( Amsterdam)
  • 2013 Children’s yoga training ( Budapest)
  • 2014 Traditional yoga, yoga therapy, pre-post natal ( India)
  • 2014 Buddhist teaching (India)

Additional-traditional schooling:

  • Theatre studies ( College: 2005-2009)
  • Music Study ( College: 2013-2015)

In the past I have worked as a theatre teacher in primary & high schools and I have also worked together with different artists for multiple independent (art) projects.
I incorporate my personal art practice into my work and find this very helpful for the healing process. You will see my creativity and playfulness during my music, classes & workshops. I also love nature, shamanitic teachings and our ancient ancestral ways, so I smoothly transfer these things into my practice and work as well.

In may 2014 I released my first mantra cd and in aug 2015 the second album has been released.




Ek Ong Kar

Music = Medicine


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